Rejuvenation of Body and Obesity Cure



Panchakarma is a detoxifying and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and spirit.It is known for its beneficial effects on health, wellbeing, self-healing and obesity.A person is called healthy when he/she has cleansed the body, well functioning organs, efficient wastage system, positive and a happy mind, and a sense of well-ness. When there is vital disorder in the process the diseases starts to make their abode in the body. Panchakarma helps by reversing the negative effects of daily living and rejuvenating the constant state of beauty, happiness and positivity.

At Ashwini-Anant we offer wide range of cure therapy through our extensive, well researched program of Panchakarma Therapy.



Snehan, is the first step of detoxification process called as Purvakarma. In this step it saturates the body with herbal and medicated Oils or Ghee. The saturation takes placecalled as snehan where medicated oils areadequatelymassaged into the body; This process helps to eliminate the soluble fats from body. The Snehan therapy has huge advantage for improving skin texture. It improves the skin tone and make the skin spectacularly cleansed and glowing. The main intention of this therapy is to open the pours in our body. Opening of pours helps to eliminate the wastage effectively from body. It also improves the peripheral circulation. This treatment plays vital role in removal of vasodilatation blockages.



Nasya is the practice of administering combination of perfect liquid herbs into bothnasal passages. In this process 3-5 drops of nasya oil used to give from both nares. #3-5 drops of clean cow ghee used to be poured into nares after 10 minutes of administration of nasya oil. This practice is especially important for nasal irrigation, which give excellent result in cleansing,  soften and protect the nasal passages. This is useful therapy in insomnia, Migraine, old cough etc.



Netra-Basti is an eye rejuvenation therapy. In this therapy we prepare fresh medicine every time by the perfect combination of 3-5 herbs. 3-5 drops of Liquid extract of these freshly made medicine has been given in the both eyes of patients. It helps to soothe and nourish your eyes. It is very useful therapy in all diseases related to eyes. It also  improvesthe vision and thus make eyes more sparkling and healthy.



Shiro-Basti is specifically useful therapy for neurological disorders as well as Head, Neck and ENT disorders. This process can be administered by two types. In first one combination of 2-3 herbs used to prepare in the cow milk and the prepared thick mixture i.e. lepa used to be encircled on the scalp, head and forehead. In second type the mixture of pure herbs has been prepared and administer on the head. This kind of Lepa or thick mixture can be administered by the doctor at both the temples behind ears as per the need of patients.



This is one of the vitalprocess of cleansing the body internally. This process used to cure the Vata disorders. Vata is the essential cause of disorder of the body metabolic system thus plays the pivotal role to increase obesity. In this procedure, a medicated oil enema is being given through the rectum. The procedure illustrate its importance as  vata is predominantly located in the colon part of our body. It has drastic results in obesity as well as in  neurological ailments, constipation, paralysis, flatulence, common cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, vomiting,gout,lower backache, rheumatism. Abdominal pain, acidity,arthritis and aamvata.Bastitreatments gives best results in improvingperistaltic movements



Generally the process is known well as steam bath. Swedan treatment is one of the spectacular and specialised treatment at AshwiniAnant Hospital. At our Hospital we have employed the true essence of this treatment. At our place we use a big copper caldron filled with hot water and Kadha(AushadhiKadha)being used. This is one of the most outstanding feature of AshwiniAnant Hospital where we do not use a steam chamber but specially designed copper caldron for sitting arrangements in a hot water mixed with medicated kadha ;in which the patient sit down and every part of the body is exposed to the hot medicated water except head, to avoid dehydration, the patient is asked to drink glass of water before administering swedan. The duration of treatment is ten to twenty minutes or as per the pulse rate.Without swedanfat soluble toxins would not be prepared for complete disposal out of body.After the Swedan therapy,patient feels very light and warmth as the toxins washed out from the body.

This therapy is useful to liquefy the toxins in the body, and generalized disease like Arthritis and generalized weakness, Fatigue, Muscular problems.



  • Increased cholesterol level.
  • Lumbar or cervical spondylosis and sciatica (Spine related conditions)
  • Frozen shoulder and other musculo-skeletal conditions
  • Upper Respiratory tract problem like asthma (Pulmonology)
  • Hemorrhoids (piles)
  • Sinusitis (ENT disorders)
  • Migraine
  • Skin diseases (Dermatology)
  • Immunity development
  • Insomnia
  • Paralysis (Stroke and other CNS or central nervous system disorders)
  • Digestive disorder (Gastro intestinal tract)
  • Diabetes (to control blood suger and eliminate side effects.)
  • Feminine disorder and Period Problems
  • Rejuvenation of body and skin
  • Arthritis diseases