Obesity or being overweight is a condition characterized by excessive storage of fat in the body. When the body’s calorie intake exceeds the amount of calories burned, it leads to the storage of excess calories in the form of body fat. Increased body fat puts a person at risk for many critical conditions such as heart disease, liver damage, diabetes, arthritis and kidney problems. In today’s world every one person is overweight. The ratio is characterise as 6:1. Most of the time the disease is not curable and never give response to vigorous exercise, medicines, diets, fasting, etc. Where very few know that Ayurveda & Homeopathy works on the root cause to eliminate the fats from our body.  At our hospital we have treated countless of obese patients who were excess weight.­­­­­­­­­­­­­

The treatment combined with Panchakarma therapy as well as homoeopathic medicines proves top-drawer in Obesity treatments. While detoxified body through Panchakarma cleansed thoroughly; prepared to be given better response to medication as well as diet & exercise. While Obesity and PCOD are the two wheels of same fatal chariot ; Our specially designed treatments are complete cure answer to these rapidly growing diseases. We stress on eradication the root cause of obesity and hormonal imbalance and healing life time without any side effects.