Dr. Vivek S. Kulkarni



Dr.Vivek S. Kulkarni is well known homoeopathic practicing more than a two decades and having versatile knowledge about the two branches of medicines known as homoeopathy and Ayurveda. He completed his D.H.M.S. from the RajarsheeChhtrapatiShahu HomoeopathicMedical College, Islampur in   1991.Later he accomplished his B.H.M.S. degree from BabasahebAmbedakarMarathvada University, Aurangabad in 1995.  He bestowed his M.D. (in alternative medicines) from “The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.


Through his research and dedicated practice,Dr. Kulkarni has  developed a spectacular method of treating his patients. He is distinguishingly well-known for adopting the liberal approach and thereby combining the cure therapy of Homoeopathy and Ayurveda for the optimal results.


He started his homeopathic practice in 1995. While being in practice he discovered that every pathy has its own space and limits. Above any disputes about pathy’s the comfort and cure of a patient is the paramount consideration; With attaining this approach in the outset of 2000 he has taken a temporary break from practice to learn and discover the ancient methods of healing through Ayurveda. He acquired the cognition about Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Herb remedy at the capable hands of well renowned erudite of the subject late Shree.AnantKarambelkar(Guruji) at Kankavali, Sindhdurg dist. Maharashtra.


After obtaining profound knowledge in the ancient Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy he recommenced his practice in July 2001. Present Ashwini- AnantHomoeopathic &AyurvedicHospital, which was inaugurated on November 13, 2004 by the former Agricultural Minster of India honourable SharadchandrajiPawar(Saheb)  marks another milestone in his diverse journey to success, succeeding  the footmarks of ancient tradition of healing system inherited by  well renowned  forerunners of their times.


While maintaining his liberal approach towards the body sciences he has mastered in the art of alternative medication therapies of Ayurveda, Homoeopathy as well as herb medications and flower remedies.


He is best known for his unified treatments including Homoeopathy & Ayurveda. He has cured more than thousands of patients suffering from various afflictions and diseases. Few of his wel- known success stories includes treating patients suffering from cancer, High Cholesterols, Kidney Failures, Cervical& Lumber Spondylosis, menstrual problems, paralysis and Obesity. His deep knowledge and extensive research on the subject gave him monumental success while treating a patient of Paraplegia disorder caused by fatal car accident. Where the patient was bed-ridden and complete lunatic for more than six months. While Patient was unable to seat or walk; Dr.Kulkarni successfully treated the same patient and made patient capable to stand on feet again with his unique therapies inclusive of Homoeopathy , Ayurvedic remedies, Panchakarma& Massage.


His persistent hard work and dedicated research on the subject made him a well known and established as multi-specialist of alternative medicines. At Ashwini-Anant Hospital he followed and revived and enriched the oldest traditions of our original healing systems of Ayurveda and the most ethnic and advanced substantial tradition of Homoeopathy.