Being PCOS free is biggest bliss of homoeopathy & Ayurveda

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Just saw an old photograph of my school on social networking sight posted by one of  friend. While everyone was singing the same song over the photograph that how much they miss their school days I went back into those memories. Indeed childhood is divine and school days are bliss. As an obese child; for me the version of story was slightly different. I did not enjoy my childhood but today my life is much more better and happy. The reason is that I am completely healthy and normal. No more irregular periods, No more swellings on body, No more ugly acne cysts on face, No more mental torture , No more filthy comments about me, No more heaviest menstrual bleedings and pains. My life started just 1-2 years back when my all sonography reports constantly came up normal and nil! Finally PCOS free.  Finally able to loose weight. Finally physically, mentally, emotionally strong and stable. So now it doesn’t matter which phase of life this is; I enjoy each and every moment. Moral of the story unless and until you are gifted with healthy body you will not relish anything in life. Oh that exactly means no matter how much extravagant life you have all is in vain without an ability to revel it.

            Even today when every time I encounter a bunch of school going girls at roads chirping happily, with delighted faces, beaming with enthusiasm, loaded dreams in their scintillating eyes;   they always gives me reason to smile but then I do notice a girl walking little away from her classmates, sweating heavily, walking slowly with her heavy body, little bit happy, little bit sad ( she probably even don’t know what is called mood swings!) Just going away in her own indulgence. She reminds me my forgotten school days. School days which were sweaty, heavy and probably sad.

            I become PCOS affected after few months of starting my periods at initial days. That time I did not realise that nor I had any knowledge about it. Moreover I was obese from childhood and this PCOS condition made my condition more critical. Heavier menstrual flow used to imbibe my all physical, mental energy and severe pain at pelvic region used to crush my self-esteem and confidence to the gloomiest level. At the age of 15 I was bed ridden due to severe menstrual flow and irregular monthly periods which used to occur  every alternate 10 – 15 days.  I was just dragging my Swelled body, lowest blood count, 85 kg weight and depressed mind set to walk further. More than mental abuse, hate, bullying as big fat funny model at school and college my physical pain was just unbearable. The treatment initially I got for my PCOS were quietly the inauspicious. I was put down on mild contraceptive pills known as “Overol L(21). I have taken these contraceptive pills for 3-4 months as prescribed. Result?? Disastrous! Destructive!! Detrimental!! I gained 15 kg additional weight to the current ratio, Whole body was swollen, Eyes were popping out, no energy, no strength, no stamina, I got bulges all over, hairs were thinning and male pattern baldness had appeared. To know more what is PCOS Please refer article   HOMOEOPATHY & AYURVEDA- A BREAKTHROUGH FOR PCOD in this blog section.

PCOS and obesity are the two separate part of one vicious circle. You became obese if you have PCOS & If you have PCOS chances are higher that you will gain weight and become obese in no time.

It was more difficult in my case as obesity and PCOS both were hereditary. After embracing many approaches and searching for holistic medical solutions I met Dr. Vivek Kulkarni. Simply great personality, charismatic, having profound knowledge about homoeopathy, naturopathy & Ayurveda. After visiting him I came to know many interesting facts about basic structure of our body and science of Ayurveda. Most of the people know there are three dominant types of bodies defined in Ayurveda. The philosophy of Ayurveda depicts that our body is made from three vital elements (Dosha) called   Vata(Air),  Pitta(Fire/metabolic fire) & Kapha (water).  Whatever you do, whatever you eat you will become as per the tendency of your body. For example my body type was “Vata-Pitta” aggravated body. (That I came to know after proper examination of my pulse-rate   by Dr. Kulkarni. This examination of pulse calls as “Nadi-Parikshan” in Ayurveda which decides your body type)  My body was bulky and heavy additionally it was swelled. This swelling and bulkiness was due to vitiated “ dosha’s”. After knowing my body type and the list of food which I should  or should not eat by him  I realised that  my food habits were not at all complimentary to my body. Basically my eating was always mindless and I used to stuff my body with kind of diets which were not suitable or you can say diets which my body was not accepting or adjusting.  Due to my experiments about food the internal metabolic harmony just went into toss. Since my metabolism and my food habits were wrong, how much hours I spent in gym or how much protein food or supplements I take body was not at all showing any result. I finally understood how much time and money I wasted without knowing the basics.

Dr. Kulkarni thrown light on many topics like diet, lifestyle, diet according to season, diet according to your place of living, exercise, importance of yoga and suryanamaskaram (sun salutations)  water intake   and many more. Notable thing in his consultation that whatever he told to me was not new. They were the same things my grandmother, my grandfather used to do. Conversation with him reminded me my earliest childhood days spent at my countryside house.  It was unfortunate on my part that simplistic yet purest, finest and original life style I abandoned and converted myself to follow the worst trends. Even today I am thankful to Dr. Kulkarni for his insight. It helped me to understand better the basic connection between mind, body, soul and our food intake. I have taken one year gap from my current life style. No gym, not being protein vampire, no fat burners, no supplements. Only detoxification and rehabilitation treatments at his hospital with pure Marathi authentic homemade food.

Panchakarma treatments are customized treatments. That means treatments are determined after thorough examination of your body type, your history, symptoms etc. That is the reason it varies from person to person. If you want to know what is your body type and what treatments are required to give you relief from your chronic condition you can visit “Ashwini-anant Hospital” Please read “Contact us” section to know the details and address.


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I have taken treatments at “Ashwini-Anant” had a huge impact on my health and it was in a positive way. You can notice the huge difference in above image. PCOS reports came normal. All swelling has gone, My lower body became fit, toned and shrunk in size, All those fat piles saturated at lower area melted down and legs become more defined than earlier, My hands became toned, My back became strong, I am able to run fast and faster. Body is shrinking in size but body’s stamina, strength & endurance is elevating fast. Metabolism has dramatically improved. Skin tone and texture changed for good. Hair became thick, face become more defined. All swelling has gone. This time without those meal replacement shakes or without stuffing my mouth with unnatural amount of fats and protein my body started to show result. Endurance, stamina, strength was elevated. I was doing weights for years but saw the results recently after revitalising myself on combine treatment of homoeopathy and Ayurveda as well as balanced approach to my food. This helped to change structure of my body. I am following the diet as per my body constitution. Panchakarma treatments and my changed food habits helped me a lot to control my weight. In that context I am thankful to Dr. Kulkarni and “Ashwini-Anant” Moreover first ever in my life I am proud to say that I am thankful that I born in India otherwise I would never experience the bliss of Ayurveda.

Guest Author:- Anjali Zarkar

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